Photographed Patrick Lu

Photographed Patrick Lu


I am a designer, illustrator and a fine artist at heart. Being creative and visually innovative are what keep me breathing each day. I believe art has a special place in every aspect in life and without it, life almost can seem meaningless. My philosophy in design is that less is more, and being able to communicate visually without having to explain much is key in my book. Within my work, simplicity and minimalism are what I find essential. Utilizing my skills in illustration, graphic design and fine arts, I am able to open more possibilities with my creations.


Born in Orange County, CA but raised in Highpoint, NC.  After seven years I moved back to California and attended middle school to high school in Riverside. My parents discovered my artistic talents at a young age and have supported me ever since. Attended after school programs for fine arts until was 13. By that time, I had picked up my first computer and started learning graphic design. I was given one of the first Adobe softwares, which was Illustrator 0.6. Graduated with a BA in Studio Arts and Graphic Design from California State University of Long Beach in May 2011. Moved to Santa Ana, CA after graduation and landed my first official design jobs with Project 7, Therabreath and Synergy Direct Response. Two years later, I found a opportunity to move up to northern California. So I packed my bags, said my farewells and drove up to San Francisco, where I currently am today.


• Mother of a Hamster named Butters
• Whisky + Ginger Ale or IPAs are my drinks of choice
• I learned how to draw with a mouse before using a tablet
• Apparently (according to others) I make really weird and interesting noises
• I draw things "cute" by default
• I have a phobia of the dark, asymmetrical holes/dots, and the dentist
• If I wasn't a designer, would've been an animator
• I'm really good at making lists