Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Anime Awards 2016

AA2016 banner.png

Anime Awards 2016

Anime Awards was Crunchyroll's first award campaign for anime fans to vote best anime of the year and shows from 14 different categories. The campaign involved having a logo, personalized emblem for each category, and special marketing material to draw fans to vote.

As their first Anime Award, there were nearly 2 million engagements through the site and various other sites. From it’s first year’s success, plans for the next year’s award were immediately in play.

Members Involved
Mason Koo. Senior Art Director

The Campaign

To be frank, the first year of any large event is usually a disaster, and surprisingly, we managed the storm pretty darn well. Anime Award’s first award campaign was a basic and simple one. Celebrating all of what and is anime! The award ceremony was held at The Foundry in San Francisco, CA.


Award Emblems

Voters had 14 different categories to choose and vote from. From “Best Animation” to “Best Action Scene”, each category listed 4-6 various and popular anime titles of the year.

Frame 4.png


The campaign consisted a website for voters to input their polls for nominated titles and movies from additional streaming platforms such as: Netflix, Amazon Movie and Hulu.

Every week a different category would be highlighted during live streams at Crunchyroll or be displayed in sponsored ads on social media. Encouraging people to put in their votes per category.


On demand apparel

During the award ceremony, event goers were able to get their favorite category screen printed on shirts on the spot. Biggest kudos to the local screen printing shop who were one of the main highlights of the night.