Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Convention Bags


Convention Bags

With so many conventions and Crunchyroll growing every year, what better way to market titles and brand by creating walking billboards? Developed a convention bag that served as something useful for fans to carry for goods and something to wear with pride with Crunchyroll's branding. With permission to use graphics of popular anime titles, we were able to advertise the show and company overall

Members involved:
Mason Koo. Senior Art DirectorGeorge Sarvis. Graphic Designer

Bag Design

The physical design of the bag was popular that year. Many competitors tried duplicating the same purpose but did not execute the development and material of the bags. Working closely with the convention team, I was able to develop a solid template for vendors to replicate and decide back and forth for quality material. Due to poor material and quality control, competitors bags were ripping after mere use. Soon enough, fans were running over to Crunchyroll booths for the bags. The convention bags were sold out at every convention in 2016.