Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
1080x1080 Himoji.png

Himoji Stickers

Himoji iOS stickers

Himojis were created to hype Crunchyroll users for Crunchyroll's first expo. The exclusive stickers would be released several days before the convention and be widely used by many Hime-chan fans. Illustrated various fun emotions of Hime and worked with a production team member to animate each Himoji.

Members involved:
Israel Sundseth. Senior Product Designer

Connecting with our fans

This was a fun and interactive project to connect with Crunchyroll’s fan-base. Anime watchers who were fans of the company’s mascot Hime-san were able to share stickers with other ios device users within Messenger.

Android stickers were later released but was not able to support the catchy animations.