Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
1080x1080 MBC.png

Chime Metal Debit Card


Chime Metal Debit Card

Chime’s first metal card was produced as a test to raise user enrollments and referral rates. A 360 feel and design from their current debit card, that is simply white and branded with a bright green company logo.

Chime’s user base are primarily people who work and live on a budget, so finding a bank with benefits of no hidden fees or getting paid earlier is a big win. Though these benefits may have customers feel premium, the card should reflect that feeling as well.

A metal card with most banks usually require customers to have a high income, a high spending amount or some quality of status. With Chime’s demographic, a metal card (with the slightest perks) are out of reach, or nearly not an option to acquire. At Chime, we thought..”F” that! Give the people what they deserve, even if it means to feel like royalty without the gold.

Card Design

Working closely with project managers and card manufacturers, the Chime metal debit card was produced within 2 month timeline. The first limited edition card was delivered to a thousand users who referred the promotion to friends and family.


Email Marketing

Released announcements and lifecycle emails on rules and information on how to acquire for the metal card. The first thousand members who were able to recruit friends or family to open an account with Chime were accepted applicants. The more referrals members would recruit, members were also qualified to win $50 per referral.


Social Media Announcements

Had tremendous amounts of social activity in reaction to the newly design card. Many members were really excited and wanted to acquire the metal card knowing there was no special qualifications compared to traditional challenger banks. Within the release of the metal card promotion, Chime’s referral’s quarterly goal reached over 5%.

Instagram Chime members created a tag called #chimemetal, showing pride on receiving their cards.