Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
1080x1080 Banyana.png

Bananya CRx

Banyana banner.png

Bananya + CRx

We had the opportunity to partner with Japanese licensors to develop merchandise to sell onto Crunchyroll’s Collection shop. Bananya was one of the summer season favorites.

Members included:
Mason Koo. Senior Art DirectorAliana Rood. Designer • Michael Melby. Merchandise Rights Manager & Coordinator • Products developed by Skyou

The print

Bananyas are very cute kittens and cats that live in bananas and derived from outer space (my kind of jam). Developed a pattern that can be placed on most apparel and came in different color options. 


The line up

The Crunchyroll Collection was the first wave of lifestyle apparel products offered by Crunchyroll. This is one of my favorite projects and had a lot of fun creating and collaborating with others in developing patterns and illustrations that our fans would wear with pride.