Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Anime Awards 2017

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Anime Awards 2017

Was honored to design Crunchyroll's Anime Awards campaign the second year. The Awards consisted of 17 different categories in which fans select their favorite nominees for 2017. The website was designed and developed in seven different languages, giving world-wide fans a chance to vote for their year favorites. After voting for each category, the winners would be announced at the Anime Awards Ceremony, held in Hollywood.

Press coverage:
LA Weekly | Forbes Magazine
Members Involved
Ryan Ford. Product Manager • Kyle Crumrine. Principle Product DesignerAnibal Nunez. Video editor and producer
Bill Bergen. Video motion graphics

New year, new look

Compared to 2016's branding, this year was a total 180. We wanted something to feel more "premium" and less illustrated compared to the previous year. The tone set for 2017 was more mature and pristine.

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The overall redesign included a new brand strategy and development, creation of a new website with mobile site capabilities and marketing campaign. Collaborating cross-functionally with stakeholders from events planning, lead marketing strategists and the head of product development, the rebranded awards ceremony was a success.



In contrast of Crunchyroll’s first awards, I wanted to revisit each award category’s emblem. In inspiration of formal award ceremonies such as Sundance or the Golden Globes, I customized each category emblem using auspicious shapes, unique to each group.

Each glass trophy per award were engraved with according emblem.


Marketing Campaign

Took lead and worked closely with the head of marketing, producing UAC ads, digital banners and deliverables catered to our social media platforms marketing the Anime Awards. Waves and timed digital banners targeted audiences globally and reminded fellow anime fans to vote for their favorite titles of the year.


Let the show begin!

The overall show was a success. Anime influencers, famous voice actors, animators and directors all gathered to Los Angeles for this large event. Had special guests and live band performing Cowboy Bebop’s famous theme song throughout the night.

Many had complimented its overall turn out. Had the wonderful pleasure of also making the award trophies, one in which is living with Christopher Sabat, English voice character of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Taking home the Industry Icon award.