Ashley Seo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Project 7 Gum

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Project 7

Project 7 is a specialty candy brand based in Orange County, California. Their core mission is to use part of their profits to help support 7 areas of basic humanitarian need both domestically and abroad. The company mandates to give a minimum of 10% of our profits annually but historically have been at 30-50% of our profits.

My duties being part of their creative team was to develop concepts of packaging of their product.

Members involved:
Scott Patt, Creative DirectorDarren Dunham, Creative Director
Kelly Hickenbottom, Graphic DesignerAmanda Hetrick, Graphic Designer

The Gum

Save the Earth and Feed the Hungry 15 count gum tubes was my first major project at Project 7. Working closely with their product development team, I developed and engineered the gum tube packaging and design. A month later, the product was distributed in Target stores nationwide. 


Feeding the Hungry

Feed the Hungry is one out of the seven campaigns Project 7 helps support and gives charity to (Feeding America Non Profit). For every merchandise sold, particular amounts of meals would be given to the poor and the community needed. For this special campaign, the creative team and I developed a sub-brand to bring new tastes in Project 7’s brand and to also have the opportunity to develop merchandise.


Bubble Gum fun

Project 7 had plans to expand their gum line and one of the idea additions were gumballs. The design team had to brainstorm on the package designs. The designs still had to cater to each charity to campaign throughout the year. Instead of all 7, decided to use the 4 popular charities which were to provide water, feed the hungry, house the homeless and to plant trees in the amazon.

To spice things up, our creative director decided to make this event into a competition. Whomever had the best voted potential designs, would win a free dinner and move forward with their design concept. Lets just say that this steak dinner did not disappoint 😉